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EMilio Colantuno Memorial Award

Emilio loved karting.
Although a late starter to the sport, his passion was evident from day one.  He was particularly loyal to the Go Kart Club of SA supporting the club in any way he could, serving as Treasurer and general committee member over a number of years. He volunteered his time at working bees and contributed many hours to the club during renovations. He was a great ambassador for the club and particularly enjoyed helping and encouraging newcomers.

2023 Winner
Nathan Dunn


Nathan Dunn was nominated for the Emilio Colantuono Memorial Award. Nathan has been a willing and consistent solid worker for the club, putting in countless hours during the week driving back and forward from the southern suburbs, to maintain the facility and assist in various programs and venue hire opportunities running at the GKCSA Facility. It is people behind the scenes like Nathan that make the club what it is.

2022 Winner
Warren Neitz


Warren Neitz was nominated for the Emilio Colantuono Memorial Award. Warren's efforts not only in his main role of president at the club were very acknoloaged.  Warren has done many things for the club including pushing to get this very award set up. One of the major things Warren did was help increase the volunteer base at the club as the committee has gone from only a handful of people to around 15. Warren also shows an exceptional love for helping new members. This can range from simply starting them off to many members receiving both driving and setup tips which has seen them progress in their karting. 

Emilio's Story

Emilio sadly passed away during a high risk heart surgery in late 2021. He was a massive help to the club and has been a large part of shaping it into what it is today. The award was built to recognise all of Emilio's efforts and as we knew he would love the recognition of club people putting in effort similar to his own.

Award Rules

The selection of nominees should include but are not limited to the following.

• Be actively involved with new club members. Helping them with general club
information or advice on kart setup or maintenance
• Participation in club events as either a competitor or official.
• Helping with club projects for the improvement of the club.
• Motivating others to be more actively involved with the club and further
enhancing the social aspects of the club.
• Always positive and helping whenever they can.
• Managing special task that will improve the club or benefit its members.
• Positively promoting the social aspects of the club.

Rules of Nomination are:

• Nominations can only be accepted from a club member. and;
• Nominated person must be a club member or an official of karting SA. and;
• Nominations must be received by the secretary prior to the AGM of that year the
award is for.

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