GKCSA Practice Procedure:

Updated in line with KA Advice to Clubs and States 3rd July 2020.

It is now possible for our members to practice on any day.

All Private practice can only be undertaken when a Grade 4 Official is present.

The good news is that any club member can now become a Grade 4 by completing the 100% online Karting Australia Officials Academy powered by Rosche Paper that makes them eligible to become a Grade 4 Official.

In Regards to First Aid, Private Practice Rules (Page 297) of the Manual applies as per usual.

GKCSA Maintains a First Aid kit and sign on register under the shelter at the tech shed at all times.

The online COVID-19 Declaration Form continues to be required by all Essential Personnel and Permitted People attending a Karting Australia venue, for each date that you visit.

So How do I Access the track to practice?

1. Have an Official at the track

- Make Sure a Grade 4 Official will be present for the entire duration of your visit.

If you don’t know a Grade 4 Official, you or someone from your group can become one as long as you are a GKCSA Member

To access the Training Academy Academy please email officialsacademy@karting.net.au with your request for access. Once you obtain access, complete the course at the following link https://karting-australia-officiating.coursepath.com/login and you will be presented with a certificate once completed.

2. COVID Forms

Complete GKCSA Specific COVID-19 Form prior to going to the circuit


3. Let us know you will be there

Email gkcsamembers@gmail.com letting us know who will be there and on what date.

You must nominate in this email who is the grade 4 official that will be on site, and if they have just completed the course a copy of the certificate showing they have passed.

4. Access the track

Access the track using your member key, please ensure that the gate is closed and locked behind you at all times.

5. Practice.

All Government Covid-19 rules apply.

Please exercise Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene precautions at all times when at the track.

As always respect our usual practice rules and regulations.

6. Help?

If you need assistance with any part of this process, the committee members will always try to help you; our individual email details are now listed on the GKCSA website. Warren Neitz currently oversees COVID Practice sessions.


7. The track will be monitored by the GKCSA Committee through Spot Checks

Anyone caught using the track without following these rules will have their membership cancelled immediately

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